home page instructions
swipe footer menus to view all nav buttons
tap Orbuno icon to sort & filter feed content
Anonymous vs. Signup
anonymous use is welcomed, but deleting cookies at any time will wipe all of your data
active Orbuno users should sign up to protect their score data
signup is required to create content
signup is free and performed using industry leading OAuth2 protocols
tap any image or poll to score your opinions & feelings about it
be sure to follow instructions on the scoring page
you need at least 1 Orbiter to view results
Orbiters are people you invite into Orbuno
once your invitee scores a subject, you will see them in your Orbiter rankings
Orbiters are ranked using Orbiter Scores between 1.00 to -1.00
the closer a score is to 1.00, the closer an Orbiter's views & feelings match yours; the closer to -1.00, the more opposite they are
as the common subjects scored between you & an Orbiter increase, Orbiter Score relevance increases
subject results pages show Orbiter Scores for that subject only; home page Orbiter Scores showing rankings across all common subjects
no one else can see your Orbiters - this is a binary network
Adding Content
signup required to create content; use the add content screen to create your own photo, video or text subjects
add one subject at a time & create a subject title and select the opinion pairs you want to appear on the Orb
Opinions are paired as antonyms. this mitigates bias by allowing responses anywhere along an opinion continuum
only select opinion pairs that are relevant to your subject
your Orbiters see & be able to score all the content you create and vice versa
Orbuno instructions
tap any image or poll to score your opinions & feelings about it
be sure to follow the instructions on the scoring page
once you have scored a subject, more options will appear on the footer menu
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create a location as the subject of Orb scores
place a map pin and set desired zoom level to create your subject image