home page instructions

tap any image or poll to score your opinions & feelings about it
be sure (!!) to follow instructions on the scoring page if you want Orbuno to work for you

the orbiter screen displays your Orbiters ranked by Orbiter Score
your Orbiters include anyone who has scored at least 1 subject in common with you
Orbiter Scores show who is most like you (1.00 is your exact match) and the most different (-1.00 is your exact opposite)
add an Orbiter to Crew to view their content in your home feed
the more you score, the more relevant Orbiter Scores become

Adding Content
use the add content screen to create your own photo, video or text subjects
add one subject at a time & select the opinions you want to appear on the Orb
Opinions are paired as antonyms. this mitigates bias by allowing responses anywhere along an opinion continuum
only select opinion pairs that are relevant to your subject for best results
share your content URL anywhere & discover how you align with friends, followers & customers
Terms of Service must be followed when adding text or images to Orbuno, which is a "SFW" or Safe For Work environment

Your Account
tap the "anonymous" icon to sign up or login
Orbuno accounts are free
only Members can add Orbiters to Crew and create content
anonymous use is welcomed but score data storage is temporary & many features are deactivated
Orbuno does not show ads or traffic in user data. we offer premium services for corporate & influencer clients to generate revenue
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Orbuno instructions
tap any image or poll to score your opinions & feelings about it
be sure to follow the instructions on the scoring page to get the most out of Orbuno
once you have saved a score, more options will appear on the menu below
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Orbuno icon
select one type of content to add:
enter & upload YouTube or Vimeo link
Select font color & weight for your comment
create a location as the subject of Orb scores
place a map pin and set desired zoom level to create your subject image