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home page instructions
swipe footer menus to view all nav buttons
tap Orbuno icon to sort & filter feed content
Membership is automated on first saved score
your Secret Code is generated and displayed in your Account Settings
Secret Code is required to access your Account and saved data if you logout, clear cookies or use another device
Orbuno requires no email or other personal information to maintain membership
tap any image or poll to score your opinions & feelings about it
be sure to follow instructions on the scoring page
start your network: invite at least 1 person in order to view alignment results
the only people who can see your scores are those in your network
at Orbuno, scoring is done to reveal the philosophical alignment between you and your network members - not to get followers, Likes or comments
Orbiters are people you invite into Orbuno
once your invitee scores a subject, you will see them in your Orbiter list
Orbiters are ranked using Orbiter Scores between 1.00 to -1.00
a 1.00 is your perfect match; a -1.00 is your polar opposite
the more subjects scored in common with an Orbiter, the more relevant the Orbiter Score
subject results pages show Orbiter Scores for that subject only; home page Orbiter panel shows total Orbiter Scores across all common subjects
no one else can see your Orbiters - this is a binary network
Adding Content
use the add content screen to create your own photo, video or text subjects
add a subject & title & and then select the opinions that will appear with subject's Orb
Opinions are paired as antonyms. this mitigates bias & subjectivity
only select opinion pairs that are relevant to your subject
the content you create will appear in your network member feeds
Orbuno instructions
tap any image or poll to score your opinions & feelings about it
be sure to follow the instructions on the scoring page
more options will appear in footer menu after your first score
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content display:
orbiter display:
These Orbiters have accepted your invitation & scored at least one subject
They are ranked by Orbiter Score across all subjects you have both scored
select one type of content to add:
enter & upload YouTube or Vimeo link
Select font color & weight for your comment
create a location as the subject of Orb scores
place a map pin and set desired zoom level to create your subject image