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about Orbuno
the power of perspective
about Orbuno
Orbuno is a technology startup based in Thousand Oaks, California.
Our innovative technology has been awarded two utility patents and is used to measure opinions, feelings, moods, emotional response and sentiment.
We offer premium accounts to generate revenue. We do not show advertisements. We do not sell, trade or share your personally identifiable information with anyone.
Your login credentials & personal data are secured by the resources, firewalls and protocols provided by, your existing social media platforms, and Microsoft Azure.
how to use the Orb
the Orb measures your opinions about subjects

spin the Orb LEFT/RIGHT to scroll the opinions
you can score all applicable opinions
spin UP/DOWN to select an opinion

zero is the "equator"
the "equator" flips the opinion to its opposite
TAP THE OPINION to lock in your desired score

re-tap to unlock, if needed

KEEP SCROLLING & score all relevant opinions
tap SAVE SCORES when you're done
Orbuno is about PEOPLE who think like you. Be honest & accurate and you'll find them!
Score the INTENSITY of your opinion precisely!
+10 and -10 are the most intense

BE DELIBERATE! you can only score a subject 1 time - no editing!
there are plenty of subjects & you can make your own. the more subjects & opinions you score, the more amazing your Orbiter journey will be
why it works


social media
Emojis & Like buttons are subjective, invariable & non-mathematical
These generic symbols don't measure your emotions, they just create popularity contests
Social media is rooted in chronology - always streaming your voice down & away

These factors converge to imply that your opinions & feelings are disposable, frivolous and unworthy

Web comments are chaotic, subjective & sometimes traumatic
Traditional polls & surveys are boring. They benefit companies - not you - and are often plagued with question wording bias
The old paradigm is broken. You deserve to be included, inspired & connected


the Orb
Orbuno lets you find out how closely others think & feel like you do
Opinion is measured by how you react to pictures & videos, not corporate & governmental polling questions

Orbuno is rooted in math, rank & structure - not chronology or black box algorithms

How you react is compared to everyone else. This generates Orbiter Scores & lets you build new relationships or strengthen existing ones
Orb scores create pure probability & math, not algorithms, and let you see exactly how others match up with you
Orbuno has been awarded two utility patents for removing bias, subjectivity and chaos from the opinion measurement process


Orbiters are people who think just like you - or the polar opposite!
Transform your social media: find & follow people based on Orbiter Scores
Determine your exact mesh with family, friends, followers and customers

There are no Likes. No one is popular. Everyone is just an Orbiter - planets - and you are the Sun.

Heal damaged relationships: reveal the ties that bind and the walls that separate
Filter prospects & new contacts before you invest material & psychic resources
Use Captain's Log, the private diary mode, to embark on a remarkable voyage of self awareness & development.
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