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how it works
Orbuno is personal media that can augment or replace your existing social media
Instead of clicking Like buttons on pictures & videos, Orbuno users score distinct opinions using the patented Orb
The Orb produces Orbiter Scores, which rank the philosophical alignment between you and anyone you invite into your personal network
These mathematical rankings generate clarity, revealing the ties that bind, and the walls that divide
Orbuno facilitates humility and empathy, allowing you to strengthen your most important relationships
Orbuno vs. social media
OPINION FEATURE: Orbuno Social Media
Expression allowed allowed
Purpose enhance personal relationships manage flow of advertising dollars
Vocabulary objective subjective
Format structured vocabulary
opinion antonym pairs
free form text
argument, discussion or disagreement
commingled facts, sources, personalities, ad hominem attacks and/or character assasination
Measurement Orb or Slider
mathematically score one opinion at a time
1000 intensity levels per opinion
score multiple opinions per subject
generic icons - thumbs up, heart, emoji, star ratings
tap 1 icon per subject
add optional, subjective commentary
Results binary Orbiter correlation, by subject
binary Orbiter correlation, all subjects
ranked network opinions, by subject
count followers for creator
count likes for content
count comments for content
Benefits create your own private network
mathematical correlation of perspectives
relationship insight
strengthen or repair relationships
learn from opposing views
discover or refine values & beliefs
visualize psychic alignment with friends, family & key people
increase empathy, wisdom, spiritual fitness & serenity
ad agencies earn revenue
companies sell products & services
politicians win elections
social media platforms earn revenue
influencers earn revenue
celebrities expand their audience
Orbuno is a technology startup based in Thousand Oaks, California.
Our innovative technology has been awarded two utility patents and is used to measure opinions, feelings, moods, emotional response and sentiment.
We do not show advertisements. We do not sell, trade or share your personally identifiable information with anyone.
Orbuno empowers users by removing vested interests from the opinion measurement process. Respondents themselves, not third parties, extract and utilize the value, insight and wisdom inherently comprising opinion.
Your login credentials & personal data are secured by the resources, firewalls and protocols provided by OAuth.net, your existing email or social media platforms, and Microsoft Azure.
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