Upload profile pic. Adjust & tap check
tap map to set your profile location
this feature is intended to be set once to show where you are from or the city you live in, not your current location. Orbuno uses Google Maps API city level granularity only; your exact location is never tracked or stored
Edit name and tap check
Orbiter Scores show how closely someone's opinions & views match yours. Range is .000 (exact opposite) up to 1.00 (perfect match).
social media icons appear on an Orbiter profile when both parties are verified on that platform
click below to verify each platform you would like users to be able to find & follow you on
captain's log
Survey name
survey name 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 197.23 -54.95
survey name 1 124.88 120.88

Just tap "Add to Home Screen" from the menu of your favorite browser

The Orbuno App is in your hands already! No need for Google Play or the App Store!
PWA technology allows your browser to save, launch & render Orbuno as an app - no sign up, download or storage required!
Orbuno is free, safe and can be removed at any time
Orbuno is not designed for nominal render or function on Internet Explorer
Please check Google or YouTube if you need help with a specific device
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